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Linebound: Life on the Line – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Linebound: Life on the Line is a new endless line-running game for the iPhone and iPad. Your goal is simply to go as far as you can on the randomly generated line, avoid all of the obstacles and collect as many points as possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Linebound: Life on the Line!

You have two methods of collecting points in this game. One is simply the points that you earn as you go further and further, while the other is from the white dots that you collect throughout the stage. Collect all of the white dots to maximize the points scored per distance gone.

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Keep on the lookout for lives throughout the stage, too. More hearts can be collected and can then be added to your stash. When you die on a stage, you can use a heart in order to revive, so save your lives until you get good at the game, and then use them when you die. Don’t waste them all early on in the game.

Although if you do waste them and you don’t want to spend money for them, you can always go to the IAP store and choose to watch an advertisement video instead. One ad video equates to one free life earned. Otherwise, as you score more and more points, you’ll fill a bar at the bottom of the screen and once the bar fills up, you will earn a free life. Then the bar will reset and you can fill it up all over again.

You can restart up to two times per stage. It will cost one heart when you do it the first time, and three hearts when you do it the second time. After that, when you die, you die. Use your lives wisely; don’t waste them if you are having a bad round to start out with.

If you go to the Game Center area you can see where people have hacked the game, versus those who actually got real life high scores. Scroll down to where the scores begin to drop below 100,000 and that will be the real scores in the game. All of the others are the result of cheats and hacks and glitches.