Little Alchemist – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Little Alchemist is a card battling game for the iPhone and iPad by Kongregate. You play as an amateur alchemist who is on the side of good. Your mentor assigned you to take care of the place while he was on a trip, but due to unfortunate circumstances you accidentally released all of the evil alchemists, so now it’s your job to go back and defeat them again. Read on for some tips and tricks for Little Alchemist!

Your goal in battle is to try to find the biggest combination of attack and defense possible. Send your hand of cards back if you can’t make enough combinations with it to be worth it, because playing a single card at once will (usually) result in you losing that hand, and possibly losing orbs. Too many lost hands and lost orbs will result in you taking a loss.

You can do research to unlock new alchemy combinations. Research typically takes a lot of time to do, but you can complete it instantly by starting the research, and then going to the date and time settings on your iPhone or iPad and then setting the time ahead. Set it ahead by however long the research takes, plus a few extra minutes. So for an hour long research, set the time ahead by about an hour and five minutes.

Once you do that, go back to the game and collect your new research skill. Then go and set the time back to normal and do it all over again. If you do this and the game freezes, then simply close down the app, then restart it again and go back and collect your research after doing the trick.

Gold is used to purchase new cards, and you always have to keep adding new cards to your deck in order to succeed. If you run out of gold and you are stuck on a stage, go back to old stages that you know you can beat, and play them over and over again so that you can earn more gold. You can do this as many times as you want, since there is no “energy” limitor holding your back.

Take the weakest cards and the cards that have no combinations associated with them out of your deck. Your hands will constantly rotate between what is in your deck, so if you have less weak cards, you’ll get the stronger, better cards to pop up moreo ften.