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Little Dragons (iOS): How to get free Cash!

Little Dragons is a new smash hit dragon collecting game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. This game combines the dragon collecting style of gameplay with so much humor and sarcasm that it elevates itself to parody status, but make no mistake, it’s a seriously fun game. Cash, which is also sometimes referred to as tickets in this game, is the premium currency. With Cash you can not only buy rare dragons, but speed up the game as you need to.

Getting free cash, free tickets, or whatever you want to call it is fairly easy. First, go to the store menu. It doesn’t matter what tab you go to in the store. Either way, when you’re in the store, a banner will pop up across the bottom of the screen.

The banner will say something like “Earn (number) Tickets download (insert app name here)”, with the name of the app and the amount of cash that you will earn inserted in there. Tap on the banner, and you’ll be taken to the app store. Now, go ahead and tap install on the app.

By now, you should be able to go back to the game and receive your free cash, but sometimes it won’t work immediately. If it does, you need to do two things. First, wait for the app to finish downloading. Then, tap on the app icon to open the app. Now, go back to Little Dragons and open it up again, and you should get free cash popping up.

Once you get the free cash, you can delete the app that you just downloaded and ran. You can do this trick with every single app that you see popping up on the banner on the bottom of the screen, so download, run and delete all the apps that you can to really load up on the free cash. Sometimes, you’ll also get paid double for every app that you download and run. If this happens, download as many apps as absolutely possible until the trick goes away. Setting the iPhone’s date and time settings to a different time seems to make the “double cash glitch” happen, so do that in order to double your free cash.