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Little Masters for iOS: How to gain levels fast and evolve your monsters

Imagine taking the Pokemon battle system, putting it into a game of its own, and then making the entire focus of the game into an online multiplayer, PvP affair. The result of this mash up would be Little Masters for the iPhone, which despite not having any actual Pokemon, will remind long time fans of the classic monster collecting series. You’re going to get destroyed by other players if you don’t level up quickly, and evolving your monster is the ultimate goal to really become powerful. Read on for tips on how to do just that!

Gaining experience points is done by (obviously) battling against other monsters in PvE matches. This is done by tapping on the sign post south of your house, having your in-game friends and your uncle track monsters and bring them to you, and then battling them and winning. The higher you level up to, the higher the level of the monsters that they will bring back.

You can get experience for single monsters or multiple monsters from a battle. The experience will be split between each monster who executes an attack in battle. For example, if a monster gives you a total of 46 experience points, and you use two monsters, they will earn 23 exp each, making this an excellent way to level up a lower-level monster (by swapping it out with a higher level monster after one turn). Note that any monster must execute an attack – a monster who is attacked but doesn’t actually do an attack will not get any experience points.

It will take longer to track monsters as your level grows, so simply spend gold coins to speed up the tracking so you can fight battle after battle right away without having to wait. Doing this will earn you a ton of eggs and a ton of experience points in a short amount of time.

To evolve a monster, you must level the monster up to a level between 25 and 40, depending on the monster. Then, as you earn various stat-boosting fruits, feed them to the monster. What level the monster evolves at depends on the monster itself.

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