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Lonely Survivor – Full Evolution List and Combine Guide, Part 2

One thing that is just as important as evolving your skills is evolving your weapons, and evolving your weapons is more of an intricate process, and is less straightforward. The reason is that each weapon has two different evolutions. Each evolution is triggered by a different passive skill, and each evolution changes the action of the weapon in a very different way.

Not all weapon evolutions are created equal; some of them have a very specific purpose, and some of them are just simply more effective than others. But the one that you choose can determine the overall course of the battle.

The Sword Gust, when you combine it with Range Extension, evolves into the caps on Quick Slash. This makes the cool downtime longer, but each attack forms, a full circle around your character, slicing everyone around them. When combined with Agile Steps, the Sword Gust evolves into the Sword Gust Storm, which sends a massive X shaped sword gust at the enemies in front of you, and does a far larger amount of damage.

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The Penetrating Arrows, when you combine them with Multiple Casting, evolve into the Thousand Arrows, which shoot seven arrows at a time that will pierce through, absolutely anything, and take up much of the area of the screen. When you combine them with Smart Mind, the evolve into the Exploding Arrows, which shoots three fiery arrows that explode upon contact with an enemy, dealing area damage.

The Fireball, when combined with Magnetic Force, becomes the Great Fireball, which is a giant fireball that fires off in a semi random direction and penetrates anything in its path. When you combine it with the Fast Cooldown, it transforms into the Flaming Missiles, which rapidly shoot an endless valley of fireballs in the general direction of enemies with absolutely no cooling down or breaks.

Sweep, when combined with Attack Boost, evolves into Tornado Slash, which does a full sweep that surrounds your character, but has a longer cooldown. When you combine it with Sweep, it evolves into Giant Sweep, which does two very large sweeps in a row that deal a high amount of damage and have a short cooldown time.

The Shuriken, when combined with Lasting Mana, evolves into Hidden Fury, which launches an endless Gatling Gun-style volley of shuriken at anybody you aim it at. When combined with the Powerful Launch, it evolves into Infinity Sword, which launches a giant shuriken that penetrates through everything.

This is the overarching list of weapons and their evolutions; we will update this list. If the developers add a new weapons to the game, but right now, this is the comprehensive list of every weapon, and both of the evolutions for each weapon.

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