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Lonely Survivor: Full Gemstone Guide – How To Find, Merge, Upgrade, and Equip Gemstones

Lonely Survivor is a massively popular survival roguelike game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to last as long as you can in various types of battles, fighting against massive mobs and hordes, and then fighting difficult bosses at the end of every level. You can earn all kinds of equipment, upgrade its rarity, and boost your statistics to nearly unimaginable levels.

Gemstones are an entirely new piece of equipment that has been added to the game in a recent update. You can embed gemstones on your weapons or on your pieces of equipment and increase their stats. Not only can you increase the basic stats, which are attack power and hit points, but you can also increase your movement speed in your defense, which regular equipment can’t do.

In order to get gemstones, you have to play in the gemstone event, which is located in the events tab. The method of play is different here than it is in the other rounds. You have to try and last for 10 short rounds; survival is the key here, not total annihilation.

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In order to increase your chances of lasting for all 10 rounds, focus your skills on increasing your movement speed, your hit points, and your defense. Offense is important, just like it is in other rounds of the game, but speed and defense are your priority here, so that you can outlast tough enemies and outrun the faster ones.

If you last all 10 rounds, you will earn the maximum number of gemstones, but even if you only last five rounds or so, you still may earn some. Once you earn gemstones, go to the equipment screen and click on the gemstone tab in order to equip them. Different gemstones can be equipped on different pieces of equipment, and they will give different boosts.

Upgrading gemstones is similar to upgrading any other piece of equipment. If you have three identical ones, you can upgrade them to the next rarity. The different levels are common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary, denoted by the same colors as the equipment rarity.

Additionally, each time you upgrade a gemstone to the next rarity level, the stats will triple. This is why it’s important to play the gemstone event every day, so that you can maximize the amount of gemstones that you acquire, and the effect that they have on your stats and on your performance throughout the rest of the game.

Gemstones can be equipped or unequipped from various weapons at well. Whenever you go to unequip a piece of equipment so that you can equip a different one, be sure to unequip the gemstones as well so that you can transfer them to the new piece of equipment.

Each piece of equipment holds three gemstones, with the exception of SSR equipment; SSR equipment can hold up to four gemstones apiece.