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Lonely Survivor: Guide Part 2: More Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategies

Each of your equipment weapons has two potential evolutions that you can change them into, and each one can be unlocked mind picking up a passive skill. The two evolutions will have vastly different characteristics and traits, so the one that you like best will typically depend on your style of play, although, in some cases, one evolution is far superior to the other one.

An easy place to try your new weapon is in the first part of an event chapter. You will be able to play first run event stages that you have never beaten before as many times as you want until you win.

There is a massive amount of quests, missions, and other things that allow you to earn rewards in exchange for completing them, so always look around for rewards that you may have earned, because they can be difficult to track down. Be sure not only to click on buttons, but to see what tabs are available at the bottom of the screen when you’re in a quest menu so that you can be sure to collect everything, not just one thing.

These are the main ways to earn free coins and gems in the game, but you can also earn a number of other assorted rewards that can be used for various purposes. One of these is the black dragon coins, which can be directly exchanged for test, keys, specific equipment, and other goodies. The only way to earn black dragon coins is by completing various missions within the game.

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The events, which are on more recent addition to the game, can earn hero, EXP. Hero EXP is used to level up your hero; this is not the player level, this is the level of your hero themselves. Go to the equipment, screen, tap on the button that says “hero list”, and you will have the option to level up your hero if you have enough gold and hero EXP.

Shards are the little item that looks like puzzle pieces. Hero shards, allow you to either unlock new heroes, or to ascend your hero to a higher tier. This increases both their base statistics and the maximum level that you will be able to improve them to.

Unlocking talent is another way to improve your hero. The talents on the website of the screen can be unlocked simply by being at the right experience level and using coins. The talent on the right side of the screen can only be unlocked using red stars.

Most of the time, when you get stuck on a level, the remedy is simply to increase your stats, mostly your attack power and your hit points. Other times, a change in strategy can work just as well.

If you get stuck on a boss level, then your solution is to hit and run the farther away that you stay from the boss, the easier that it is to avoid being hit, even and especially if they are the type that charges at you. If you are using a scale that targets automatically, such as the bouncing lightning or the meteor shower, then the boss will automatically take damage, and all that you have to do is focus on avoiding their attacks.

If you get stuck on a mob, or a horde, then be sure to maximize and evolve skills that favor, beating hordes and mobs. This includes the ST domain/absolute domain, the lightning balls, the toxic swamp/poison nova, and the tornadoes/hurricane.

When it’s a close match against mobs, then stay close to a pumpkin bomb, a magnet, or a heart. Knock out as many of them as you can, and do as much damage as you possibly can, then use the power up when things start to get dicey. For the magnet, the best time to use it is, when the chieftain appears, right after it knocks off the remaining mobs.

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