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Loop Drive 2 – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, High Score, and Strategy Guide

Loop Drive 2 is the sequel to the smash hit game for the iOS and Android from about a year back. The premise here, as with the original, is that you drive in a loop, and your goal is to avoid hitting the cars in the other loop – or in the case of the hard mode of this game, to avoid hitting cars, people, dogs, and others that are going in all directions. Read on for some tips and tricks for Loop Drive 2!

Make sure to vary between the brakes and the gas in order to properly avoid cars. If you tap somewhere else on the screen and hold it, the result is the same as hitting the gas pedal, so be sure to pay attention to where the brake button is and use it to your advantage to avoid getting taken out by another car.

The most coins are earned by watching the video ads that pop up after every two rounds or so. Each one earns you 250 coins, and while one ad alone can’t buy you any new cars, the money adds up rather quickly. The cheapest new cars cost 1,000 coins, while the most expensive one at the time of this article costs 35,000 coins.

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The most expensive cars have a built-in perk as well; they permanently turn off the mandatory ads without you having to buy an in-app purchase. The two cars that do this are the 25,000 coin car and the 35,000 coin car. This really doesn’t take a long time to save up, so if the ads bug you, this is your way of getting rid of them for free.

All of the cars perform the same way, but the main difference is that smaller cars make for a smaller target. Buy the smallest cars in the car store if your goal is to go for a high score in either the easy or hard modes. Small cars give you a bigger margin for error and allow you to sneak past other cars more easily.

Spin the prize wheel as often as you can, whenever you get a ticket. It’s not uncommon to land on the 10 ticket prize, and if you earn this you will end up with a large number of coins, and possibly even some free bonus cars, before all is said and done.