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Looty Dungeon – How to get the secret mystery characters

Looty Dungeon is a game that resembles a combination of Crossy Road and a dungeon crawler. In this game you can get all kinds of characters, and unlike most other endless games, they all have different skills here. Some have more attack power than others, while some have higher health than others. There are a whole bunch of secret ones in this game, as well. Read on for some tips on how to get the secret characters in Looty Dungeon!

The Viking is the first secret character. To get the Viking, complete 30 quests and then it will automatically unlock. This is one of the easiest ones to get.

The Barbarian can be earned if you have unlocked the Warrior. Complete 50 rooms with the Warrior and the Barbarian will automatically unlock. They don’t have to be completed in one run; just 50 rooms total and then youll get him.

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The Peasant can be earned by stepping on 50 poops. Poops are left behind by some enemies, especially the animal ones. This is a very easy character to get as the poops can be stepped on with any character.

The Spartan can be earned by completing 300 rooms with the Amazon after you unlock her. This doesn’t have to be all in one run, of course. You can complete the 300 rooms over a period of time.

The Elf can be earned by completing 25 rooms with the Archer. Like with the others, the rooms do not have to be completed all in one run. You can do it over multiple runs.

Jocelyn, Damon, Saam, Jake, Pyro Mage, and Wizard are the other secret characters in this game. Right now, there is no known way to unlock them, although there are ways that are just not known to the world yet. We will keep you updated as we figure out how to unlock all of these characters.