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Lord of the Dragons for iOS: How to get free Rare Warrior Cards and Gold Box Keys

In Lord of the Dragons for the iPhone and iPod Touch, the only way to get the strongest leaders in your deck as absolutely possible is by finding some of the more rare cards in the game. Cards are ranked in rarity from 2 stars (most common and weakest) to the 7-star cards (strongest and the most rare). Gold box keys are one of the tools in the game that you can use to find rare warrior cards, but they are not the only tool. Read on to find out how to get more gold box keys and rare warrior cards!

There are two compartments to the secret box, the normal side and the premium side. The premium side is the Gold Box, and to open it, you need either 300 gold or a Gold Box Key. One of the best ways to earn gold box keys is to go to the Menu tab and check out the Campaigns. Many different campaigns are done that, if you do the quests that are contained within the campaigns, can earn you Gold Box Keys, such as the current one, where for every 10 levels you gain by October 10th, you get 1 Gold Box Key at the end of the campaign, and the top 100 players get an uber rare, 7-star Quag Dragon. More campaigns pop up all the time like this so keep checking back at that tab.

Every time that you log in, as well, you earn a reward as a bonus, with a chance at that reward being a gold box key. Logging in a certain number of days in a row earns you a rare card – for example, 10 days or 20 days in a row. Currently, 10 days in a row earns a six star Valak and 20 days earn you a seven star Devil Dragon.

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On the gold side of the secret box, every single time that you open a gold box, you fill the bonus meter at the bottom. Once the bonus meter hits 100 percent, you can open box that contains nothing less than a super rare “Mystic Warrior” card, meaning one of three super rare cards, one of which is a, 8-star card (the most rare card in the entire game), and the other two of which are 7 star cards.

In addition, filling the bonus meter to 100 percent on the silver secret box, the one that you open with tokens, allows you to open it and have a chance at a rare warrior that is equivalent to one gold box key.

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