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Lord of the Dragons for iOS: How to get more Friend P (Friend Points)

In Lord of the Dragons, one of the bonuses that you can get in the game is Friend P, also known as Friend Points. Earning more Friend P will give you the ability to trade them in for a whole lot of different bonuses, such as gold box keys and items that boost your stamina, and even some rare six and seven star cards. Read on for some tips on how to get more Friend P in Lord of the Dragons!

First off, the basics. There is only one way to get more Friend P in the game, and that is to invite a friend to the game, and to have them enter your friend code as a referral ID when they download and register in the game. Each friend who does this will earn you 100 friend points, so obviously, you want to try to get as many friends as possible to do this.

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One place to make this happen is in the App Store itself. Write a review of the game and leave your friend ID in the review, and there is a chance, however slim, that yours will be the one that they use. You can also leave your friend ID in the comments section of this article or any other article about Lord of the Dragons.

In addition, if you have more than one device powered by iOS or that you can get Lord of the Dragons on, register and use your own ID as your referral code. This is a good, cheap, easy way to get a hundred friend points.

If you play any other card battling games and are a member of a guild, try inviting other members of your guild, or even other people on your friends list to play the game. People who play one card battling game are much more likely to download and play another card battling game. This is a quick way to get more friends to sign up especially if you are a member of a big guild in different games.

The same goes for if you know people in real life who are in to similar types of games. Give them your friend ID and try to get them to sign up.