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Lord of the Dragons for iOS: Part 2 of how to get free Rare Warrior Cards and Gold Box Keys

Welcome to part 2 of the guide to getting gold box keys and rare warriors in Lord of the Dragons for iOS. Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide!

Get more gold box keys, as well, by going to the “invite friends” tab in the menu and give it a share on Facebook and a tweet on Twitter. Your first of each will earn you one free gold key, In addition, if you successfully invite friends, you can Friend P, which can be spent on anything from a 4-star Phoenix to a 7-star Volo Dragon, and many rare cards in between, depending on the Friend P that you spend.

You can earn Royal Seals, as well, which are an excellent way to get a rare character to go with you, because if you beat a boss or another monster in quest mode, you can use one Royal Seal to ensure a 100% chance that they will become one of your cards. You can often come across 5, 6 or even 7 star cards in the quest modes depending on how far you are in the game, so save your royal seals for if you fight and have the chance to capture a rare card. Even if you don’t use the royal seal though, there’s still a 50/50 shot at earning one.

Each time that you complete an entire area and beat the boss (meaning that you change the appearance of the background in the quest mode), you will earn one gold box key as a reward, on top of all of the chances to earn rare warrior cards that you already get just by fighting against other warriors in the quest mode.

When you send out faeries to collect treasure, sometimes, they can bring back new warriors. If you fill the faery bonus gauge up to 100 percent, you have a high shot at earning a warrior from that faery mission, or if you send out the Azure Faery, you can unlock a secret area in which to earn more and more rare warriors. Either way, the more rare the area that you send your faeries to (and the longer it takes for them to return), the better chance that you get at earning a rare warrior in return, especially for filling the bonus gauge.