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Lords Mobile – Tips and tricks guide: How to dominate your server and spend minimal money!

Lords Mobile is a new MMORTS by IGG, or I Got Games, the company best known for Clash of Lords 2 and Castle Clash. This one is unique in that you can conquer more and more territory as you get stronger, and then build upon that territory to enhance the power of your kingdom. Then, because this is an MMORTS, you and other players join guilds and battle it out for dominance, while collecting resources. Read on for some tips and tricks for Lords Mobile!

You should train as many troops as possible; however, also, your food production should be increased proportionally. Food production should always be kept higher than wood, stone, ore and gold production so that you can feed your troops. As you get more land, build more and more farms, and take over external farm tiles to gather more food and enhance your numbers even further.

Scouting is paramount for battles because it will tell you who to take with you, and what troops to leave at home. Usually, though, it will be best to take all of your troops with you, especially for as close battle, as above all, this is a numbers game. Always make sure that troops are in training, so that you can constantly enhance your power.

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Start playing the game on PC or Mac also as soon as you can. Doing this will allow you to do one of two things. You can either play the same account from both your desktop/laptop and your mobiles. Or you can play two accounts on the same server and have both of your accounts join the same guild.

Join a guild as soon as you can. When you know that your guild is “the one”, then use your novice relocator to move your kingdom closer to that of your guild members. Be sure that they are active, and that they won’t kick you out, before you move your kingdom though, or that could make for either an awkward situation, or simply a wasted relocator.

The completion of turf quests will earn you resource and experience points; experience points will cause you to gain leader levels, which will earn you talent points. If you need to stash resources away for builds, though, don’t collect quest rewards until you need them. Resources in the quest rewards cannot be stolen by other players; once they are collected and added to your stash, then they can be taken by other players.

After you join a guild, sometimes a War of Wonders will happen on your server. This is when guilds battle it out to become the ruling guild, and for the guild leader to become the Supreme Overlord. Even when no wars are in the horizon, though, target other guilds and their members. Steal their resources and kill their troops, and target them constantly to slow down their development.