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Love Rocks starring Shakira – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Love Rocks starring Shakira is Rovio’s new take on the Bejeweled/Columns formula starring everyone’s favorite possessor of a very honest set of hips, Shakira. If you like match 3 games, this game will leave you bruta, ciega, y sordomuda (okay fine, that was the last one). Your goal is to make combos of as many jewels and/or symbols as possible to get high scores while working around increasingly complex sets of obstacles wherever, whenever (LAST ONE!!!) they appear. Read on for some tips and tricks for Love Rocks starring Shakira!

Records serve as your lives in this game, and each time that you lose a stage, you lose a record. Each one takes half an hour to recover, and if you run out, you have to either wait to regenerate them, or you can pay gold coins to regenerate them. Or if you have the game linked via Facebook and you have friends who play, you can ask them for a new record.

Or you can cheat and get a free refill right away. All that you have to do is turn the clock ahead on your phone by half an hour per record (so an hour an a half for a free refill). Then go back to the game and you will get a free refill. After you do this, you can set the time back to normal, and when you go back to the game, all of your lives will still be there.

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Try to make the largest combos possible. The more complex and layered the symbols get, the easier this gets to do, because you can either match the symbols, match the jewels, or match both of them at the same time. Or you can make drops that set up a combo after a combo – once pieces disappear, any piece that’s sitting on top of them will drop down.

However, also focus on making the pieces drop fairly evenly across the board. If you neglect one side or the other, then it will start to sneak up on you until it’s all the way at the top before you notice it. Fill a line to the top and, just as in Tetris, you will lose.

Don’t worry if you run out of moves before you fill the bar all the way. As long as you have enough points for one heart, you will still win the round. Filling the bar all the way is what earns you the full three hearts in a round.