Lucky Space for Facebook: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

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Lucky Space is a brand new city building game by A Bit Lucky, maker of the Facebook hit Lucky Train. In Lucky Space, the premise is much different than in Lucky Train, as your goal is to build a space colony. You start off with a small space with nothing but a power plant, and as you explore, get past various obstacles and build and upgrade more buildings, your mini colony can become a space empire. Are you new to Lucky Space or you haven’t played yet but are trying to learn more about it first? Then read on!

You start off with nothing but your first power plant in Lucky Space, with a set of mission on the left side of your game screen. Luckily, it’s easy to figure out what to do, as you have two missions initially – get money and get food. Your two main resources are money and food, and then later on you start unlocking a third resource, which is ore. Later on you’ll also have Crysium and Research Points to deal with.

Money can be mined using coin buildings (the ATM, the space bar, etc) and food can be made using food buildings (the food fabricator, space farm, etc). Ore can be acquired using both of these types of buildings and having them be fully stocked. You can also survey tiles for ore by going to the arrow in the bottom right corner of the game screen and clicking the game-mode arrow (the one that you also click in order to build conduits), and clicking “survey for ore.”

You need conduits to power all of your buildings. Each building that you build has to either be built right next to your power plant or directly connected to the power plant via a series of conduits. Indirect connections, meaning a building that isn’t connected directly to the power plant, but is indirectly connected via another building, won’t work.

Experience points are easy to earn here. You earn experience by almost anything you do – stocking your resource buildings, surveying tiles, exploring new squares, clearing away obstacles, completing construction on a building, or building conduits.

To expand your territory, you need to take advantage of the game’s exploration element. Your way of expanding is to clear obstacles and to explore new squares. To explore a new square, it has to be next to a cleared square or it won’t be explorable. Mouse over the dark square and if you see a “-1” energy icon, that means that you can explore it and expand your colony!

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To earn bonuses and speed up the game, go to the lower right corner of the screen to the Tech Tree. None of these technologies are mandatory, but all of them will give you bonuses if you unlock them, such as speeding up your space rover or earning you coin bonuses for your coin production machines. These require Research Points to unlock.

That’s all for now! More tips? Post them as comments!

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