Mad Bullets – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Mad Bullets is a hugely popular new light gun game for the iPhone and iPad. It’s set in some crazy wacky flip-up target version of an old western town, with your goal being to shoot the enemies that pop up while leaving the innocent civilians alone. Along the way you can upgrade your gun and other power ups, pick your path, and shoot out against even more (and tougher) enemies. Read on for some tips and tricks for Mad Bullets!

If you want to get far in this game, the most important thing to do is to avoid getting shot, stabbed, hit with Angry Birds (yes, some enemies launch them at you with slingshots), or attacked with anything else. Shoot any bullet, sword, knife or bird (or other weapon) that’s coming at you in order to destroy them. Shoot these before you shoot any of the characters themselves.

Hit reload whenever you get a spare minute without having to kill an enemy, because reloading in the middle of shooting a crowd of enemies is a pain in the ass and is a good way to get yourself killed. Make sure to give it time to reload because if you shoot too early, your clip will reload only partially.

Sacks are the currency in Mad Bullets. You can get more sacks by shooting at the barrels and boxes that are ringed in yellow and then shooting at the sack icons, but you’ll only get one or two at a time. Instead, the best way to earn more sacks is to complete the quests. Three goals and you’ll earn a large sack bonus.

You should still shoot boxes and barrels, though, especially because power ups will often be found inside of them. This is where you find extra 1-ups (hit points) as well, in the shape of life stars. Watch out for the bombs that pop out of the barrels and boxes, though, because blowing them up will take away a life star.

The two most important upgrades to spend your sacks on are the life stars upgrade, which increases the maximum amount (and the amount that you start the game with) and the magazine size upgrade (although the reload time upgrade is excellent as well). Don’t waste your sacks on any of the other ones. Save them for these and you will be able to go much further in this game.

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