Madden NFL 25 (iOS/Android) Tip 10 Tips, Cheats and Tricks

By | 20130904

Madden NFL 25 is the series’ first freemium entry on the iOS and Android platforms. Much effort has been put in to make it as close to the console experience as possible, yet other mainstays of mobile games, such as an energy system and card collection elements, have made their way in as well. This can be quite a difficult game at times, especially if you picked a team that isn’t so good. Read on for the top 10 tips and tricks for Madden NFL 25!

10: Swipe the blue line whenever the offense throws a pass.
Simple enough, yet it’s one of the most effective ways of playing defense. You’ll knock down the ball almost every time, and your chances for an interception will skyrocket. You don’t have to swipe ON the blue line, you just have to swipe on the screen when the blue line shows up. The line will turn orange if you did it right, and the ball will be knocked down almost every time, and intecepted rather frequently.

9: Scramble during a passing play.
When you are on offense and you call a passing play, watch out for defenders running a blitz package on you. Back up, run to the side (but don’t cross the line of scrimmage, obviously), get away from the defense. Run to the side that your intended receiver is on for a clearer shot with a higher chance of a complete pass.

8: Replay old solo challenges when you are running out of energy.
If you need to get more coins or experience points quickly, but you don’t have enough energy to play an entire game, go back to the old challenges and beat them all over again. Each one only costs 1 energy apiece, and they finish far more quickly than a whole game does.

7: Flip your playlist over to “pro” for a whole bunch of unorthodox plays.
These include such plays as the halfback pass trick play option, or formations with one back, which make it much easier to go for a quarterback scramble. This is especially useful for the multiplayer modes, since real people are easier to throw off than the computer is.

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6: For throwaway exhibition games, turn it to sim mode.
While it’s better to run playoff and season plays on your own, switching it to sim mode in exhibitions makes the game go by much more quickly. This is useful if you are just trying to play for coins and experience.

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