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Madden NFL Overdrive: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Madden NFL Overdrive is the reimagined version of Madden NFL Mobile that’s been released for 2018. The game centers around a new Overdrive PVP gameplay mode, where you compete against another player using a new points system where every positive move counts for specific amounts of points. You can rack up the coins, Madden Cash, upgrade your team, and appoint new captains and coaches for boosts and new plays for the playbook. Read on for some tips and tricks for Madden NFL Overdrive!

The game is geared toward speed, not toward strategy. That means go through the playbook, find a play that you like to run, and then spam it as much as you can until it stops working. Try out the passing plays, play action passing plays, rushing plays, and more to see what works for you. Some plays are even conducive to quarterback sneaks.

If you want to make coins quickly, have enough money to go to the auction house. Find a player who is severely undervalued (especially a silver or gold player) and snipe them. Buy them on the cheap, set filters to prevent expensive players from showing up in your search, and then sell them for more than you bought them for. It might take a little bit longer to sell them, but considering how many people are just now downloading the game, you’ll sell them.

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If you don’t have enough coins for the auction yet, or you are brand new and haven’t unlocked the auction house, then go to the games (overdrive, event, etc) and play over and over again until you get the experience and the coins necessary. Complete the various missions and quests that the game gives you, even prioritizing them over winning if you have to, in order to quickly rack up experience and coins. Once you’re at least level 5 and have enough coins, you can go to the auction house.

You can still customize almost every aspect of the game in the options menu. Go to options and look around the settings menu for whatever customizations you want to put on to make the game easier or harder. Also, the game tends to have heavy slowdown which can have a major effect on your score, so set the graphics quality to medium or less, even if you have a brand new iPhone or equally powerful gaming phone.

Speed is key in this game. Your clock never stops during game time, not even when you’re picking plays and not even when you run out of bounds. Pick as quickly as you can, and run a route that doesn’t involve a lot of sideways movement. And always go for the fourth down pass or run instead of a field goal, as a fourth down pass or run is usually worth far more points.