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Madobu: Be the Dark Lord – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, Hacks, and Strategy Guide

Madobu: Be the Dark Lord is a new physics-based roguelite for the iOS and Android platforms where you play as a dark magician with a whole lot of spellcasting skill. Your goal is to power up your spells as much as possible so that you can defeat tougher and tougher enemies. Then with your superpowered spells, you can go through waves of enemies in an effort to defeat all of them. Read on for some tips and tricks for Madobu!

Upgrading a card is free, which is the best and most effective part. Tap the upgrade button and a mini-game begins where you have to tap as the ball reaches the line at the top of the circle. The more experience that you earn, the more you level up. Do this with an internet connection especially, because when you watch an ad video afterwards, you get 5x the experience for the spell of choice for that round.

You can use your skulls (currency) to purchase new spells, but you can also use it to merge spells. Spending 500 skulls lets you merge spells; the higher their level, the higher the chance of a failed merge, but you can watch an ad video to retry the merge for free (otherwise, you pay 500 skulls to do so). When spells are merged, they become two spells in one card. The main benefit to merging spells is being able to upgrade both effects at once.

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If you want to sell a spell, then you can, but you won’t get that many skulls for it. The more spells, you own, the more expensive a new spell is, though, so the main benefit of selling a spell is decreasing the price of your next spell. The price will go back down to reflect the sold number of items.

You can aim a spell from any point on the bottom part of the screen, not just from under the spell’s card. Start your finger on the card of the spell that you want to use, and you’ll see a spell ball appear under your finger. You can move it around the bottom of the screen freely, and then launch it from anywhere on the bottom.

Use different spells for different uses depending on their splash damage. Explosion spells, for example, do a wide swath of splash damage, but relative to their level, they don’t actually cause a lot of damage. The death spell, on the other hand, only hits one enemy but does a ton of damage relative to its level. Death is best used against the boss of a level.


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