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Mafia 3: Rivals – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Mafia 3: Rivals, stylized as Mafia III: Rivals, is a new mobile RPG released in conjunction with the Mafia 3 console game. This game puts you in control of a branch of the Dixie Mafia consisting of characters from the console game as well as other up-and-coming crooks and cons. You can build large collections of characters, equip them with weapons, and collect all kinds of currencies such as credits, cash, and drugs, and put them towards investments and more. Read on for some tips and tricks for Mafia III: Rivals!

The battles themselves are fairly straightforward, but for the greatest possible advantage, be sure to take advantage of type advantages. Tap on each enemy to target them, and whichever of your characters has an up-arrow above it will be the most advantageous hitter against the specific enemy. The rest of your characters should target whoever you want, but focus them on one enemy at a time.

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As your characters fight, they will build up heat and have to lay low if they collect too much. At that point, switch characters around, or switch crews as a whole, so that your characters’ heat will reduce. Heat will reduce automatically whenever characters are not fighting, so if you’re offline for awhile the heat will die down.

Credits are the premium currency of the game, and the main way to earn more credits is to purchase them; however, they can also be earned by completing achievements. Head over to the headquarters to get access to the achievements menu. You’ll be able to read through the ones which are not yet completed to see what you need to do in order to complete them, as well as collect rewards for those that you have already completed.

You’ll load up on more weapons and characters than you need, so be sure to level up your favorite weapons and characters by sacrificing the ones that you no longer need. Go to the character and weapon menu and hit level up, and you’ll be able to spend weapons and characters to level up weapons and characters.

Star up is an even more significant upgrade, and can be done if you have duplicates of the same weapon or character. You’ll need the duplicates plus specific numbers of one of the many currencies (cash, drugs, etc) in order to go through with it. This will upgrade all of the base stats, making each level up all the more worthwhile.