Mafia Wars 2 for Facebook and Google+: Guide to easy money, fast experience points, gain levels quickly and free health

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If you want to gain money and experience easily in Mafia Wars 2, you’re certainly not alone. Read on for some tips and tricks that will allow you to make very quick money and gain experience points rapidly in Mafia Wars 2.

One of the best ways to make money quickly in Mafia Wars 2 is to use up full bars of energy in Granite Square, robbing every single building you come across. You can rob buildings over and over in Granite Square, andeach action costs you 7 energy points. You’ll earn the same amount of money and experience as you do doing any other action in Granite Square, such as kicking a vintage light post or looking through a mailbox, but there’s one thing that robbing homes will do that will get you massive quantities of money.

You will earn bonus crowbars at random whenyou complete a robbery. You won’t earn them every time you finish robbing a building, but you’ll earn them a good chunk of the time. A crowbar is categorized as a light weapon, and it’s not worth much by itself – its attack and defense power are fairly low. However, if you sell them, they’re worth 1,000 dollar each. To do that, go to your inventory, go to your weapons, click light weapons, and then click sell. You’ll be 1,000 dollars richer for every crowbar that you sell, and if you rob buildings in Granite Square, you’ll earn a LOT of crowbars.

To earn experience points fast (and to earn money fast, too), first, go to Granite Square when you hit level 12. Once you hit level 12, you can buy your first vehicle, so go to Neon Strip and go to the shop there, and buy a low-rider bike for 8800 coins. Your attack and defense will skyrocket. Then, make sure you have the strongest weapon and armor that you can buy at that particular level. Once you do, you’re ready to do this trick.

Now, go to Granite Square with your high attack and defense power, and go kill off every single marauder fighter that you can find (you will recognize them by the white skull in a black bubble over their heads). At this point, you will be strong enough that you can kill a marauder fighter with one single hit,without even needing a critical hit. One regular hit will kill them. Every time you kill amarauder fighter, you will gain just over 40 experience points, and you will gain 3 energy points as a bonus. One fighting action against a marauder fighter takes just 4 energy points,so you’ll essentially earn 40 experience points for using only 1 energy point. With a full energy bar, this trick can work practically forever.

You can use this trick pretty much anywhere. All you need to do is get strong enough to kill fighters in one shot and then start taking them out, in any area. How strong you have to be to make this work depends, of course, on which area you go to.

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Use this same trick to get free health quickly, too. You get a health bonus when you win a fight, so if you’re low on health and you don’t want to spend money on it, instead go to Granite Square and knock off a few marauder fighters in one shot apiece. You’ll get health points, and they won’t knock off any of your health if you kill them in one shot.

That’s all for now! More tips? Post as comments!

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