Magecraft: The War – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Magecraft: The War is a new strategy MMO by Plarium, who along with Kabam is one of the two companies that’s the most famous for its browser based strategy games. Your goal in this one is to build a big, powerful kingdom starting with a little blank space, and then use war and diplomacy to forge alliances and rivalries with other kingdoms, while increasing the productivity of your own. Read on for some tips and tricks for Magecraft: The War!

Before you do anything, you have to focus on building your resources up, and doing that requires you to have a farm, quarry, iron mine and lumber mill that are at high levels, and to have as many of them as possible. This should be the first thing that you take care of whenever you upgrade your stronghold – build more of these, and upgrade them to as high of a level as you are able to.

Of course, once you start raiding other players and computer-controlled bases, this will become your main resource-farming method while you’re active (the resource buildings will still be your best passive gainer). Keep an eye out for players who have ditched the game, especially if you are playing on an older server. They are easy to pick out because they will have bases that continue to produce resources but are entirely unprotected by troops. Attack them for easy resource farming.

If you are trying to build, research or upgrade something, and something is locked or unavailable due to you having to complete other things first, the “upgrade” screen will tell you immediately what you need to complete, so hit the button to go there and upgrade. Once that upgrade is done, it will take you back to the original thing. Start with any locked item and you can make an entire train of upgrades.

Want to upgrade extra quickly? Anything that takes less than five minutes to complete, including research, building and upgrading, can be finished for free. Anything else (stuff that takes more than five minutes) can be completed either by spending gems, waiting out, or waiting until the timer drops to 5 minutes and then speeding it up for free.

Always have at least one upgrade going, and only use your iron, wood, metal or food packs if you need them immediately for an upgrade. Otherwise, keep them around because while other players can take away resources from you, they can’t take away your resource packs.