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Magic Rush: Heroes – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Magic Rush: Heroes is a new RPG (with elements of tower defense added in) by ELEX Wireless, better known as the studio behind Clash of Kings and Age of Warring Empire. This game not only gives you dozens of characters to unlock and choose from, as well as to upgrade to your heart’s content, but adds tower defense levels where you can place them along a path and use their skills to defeat whole groups of enemies as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Magic Rush: Heroes!

Your primary method of upgrading your heroes, besides experience point level-ups, is to equip them with runes. Runes can be earned in battles; if you are missing a rune, go to the hero’s equipment screen and tap the empty space, and the pop-up will show you where you can go to find the rune. Once all of their rune slots are full, tap “Advance” to promote them to the next tier, which will eat up all of their runes, but greatly improve all of their statistics.

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A quick way to earn both experience and runes is to go to a level that you have already three-starred and sweep it. Sweeps cost nothing but stamina, same as any other battle. Spread your sweeps out over multiple levels to earn diverse types of runes. Each sweep will also earn you elixir, so that you can speed-level your party members. Their skills can then be upgraded by spending coins – the skill levels max out at the current character level.

If you sign in via Facebook, you and your friends can send stamina to each other, and if you recruit people to play the game, you can earn rare rewards. Recruit players that you know play similar RPGs and tower defense games already if you choose to do that. Or if all that you care about is the stamina, log on using a special games-only FB account, add people from the Magic Rush Heroes fan pages, or who post their info in the comments on this article, or in App Store review pages.

If you are looking for the most rewarding thing to do next, hit the “To Do” button to see the various quests and achievements that are waiting to be completed. Once they are completed, you can collect the rewards that you’ve earned for them. Hit the “Quests” menu for a different list of quests and rewards as well.

There are three different difficulty levels for every one of the stages. At the bottom of the level select screen you’ll see Normal, Elite, and Legend, as well as how far you have to get in order to unlock the corresponding game mode. This gives you options as to what to play next, especially helpful if you get stuck on one level or another and need to power up, or you’re looking for rare runes to give to your characters.