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Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest (alternately known as Magic: Puzzle Quest) is a new officially-licensed puzzle RPG for the Android and iOS platforms. This game is the first of its kind to combine card-battling RPGs with match-three puzzle games. Making matches gives you mana, which allows cards to be summoned, so that you can fight and defeat various enemies from throughout the MTG series. Read on for some tips and tricks for Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest!

The matching doesn’t have a direct correllation with your attacks; instead, it’s an indirect one. When you match gems, you will add mana to your Planeswalker hero, and that mana will be used to summon the next card in line. Depending on who your active Planeswalker is, some colors of gems will have bonuses that give you more mana per combo, while others will be weaker and give you less mana per combo.

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You can change the order of summoning, though, by tapping on your Planeswalker and moving the cards around. The card at the top is the next one in line, while the next card to be summoned after that will be the second card from the top. Knowing when to summon which card can be the key to defeating the tougher enemies in battle, as they will be re-ordering their cards to put out the best combinations against you as well.

Each level has three different objectives. The first objective, which is merely winning the fight, will give you currency as a reward (this is the rather unimaginative name for the primary currency in the game – the blue stones). Beating the second and third objectives will give you Mana Crystals as a reward.

Take both the Currency and the Mana Crystals and go to the vault where you can purchase new Planeswalkers and new cards to add to their deck. After you do that, or after you earn cards as completion rewards, go to the Planeswalkers area in your menu and you can edit the decks. To make a quick auto-edit, go to the “Quick Improvements” button. Or if you want to edit the deck manually, go to the “Edit Deck” button.

Your Planeswalkers will level up and become stronger as they engage in battles. If you want to level them up immediately, and you have enough Currency to do so, tap the yellow button next to their level bar and they will automatically be leveled up to the next level. If you’re on a tough battle without the currency to spend on levels, you can go back to previous battles and strengthen them as well.