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Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire is a new arcade style shape drawing game for the iOS and Android by Nitrome. Your heroic wizard fends of an endless supply of monsters who drop in on balloons by drawing the shape that’s on said balloons via swiping, sort of like in the Darklings series. The farther into the game you get, the more difficult the shapes get and the faster they drop. Read on for some tips and tricks for Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire!

To play as quickly as possible, play it with both fingers. While it might not be intuitive to do the swipes with your non-dominant finger at first, it will become second nature quickly, and it will help speed up your performance in the game. It especially helps with the large knights who float in on between three and six balloons.

You’ll earn coins as you defeat the evil knights. Use them to purchase new power-ups. The game won’t tell you what they are before you actually purchase them, but they all have different, helpful uses. For example, the first one will cause potions to fall from the sky which slow down time if you swipe the balloon that they are attached to. Other unlockables generally include potions that will knock out between one and all of the enemy knights from the sky when you swipe them.

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Scroll past all of the unlockable portions to get to the background advantages. These will help you out without you having to actually do anything. For example, the background gunbrick will shoot enemies on its own. The background beanstalk… well, you can figure that one out by reading the old Jack and the Beanstalk stories.

When the slowdown potion appears on the screen, let it float around for as long as you can before you activate it. Wait until either a treasure chest comes around or a giant knight who is hanging from a load of balloons. Or just wait for the play to speed up and then use it to slow the play back down. Don’t use it right away, especially early on in the game, or the slowness will be rather useless.

Try to get the largest combos that you can to not only clear out multiple knights at the same time, but to load up on the points and coins. A combo occurs when you pop multiple balloons with just one swipe, by swiping a shape that’s on multiple balloons at the same time. This happens a lot when you are working on a huge knight with multiple balloons, and other knights with one balloon apiece are floating around next to him.