Mahjong Pirates FAQ, Walkthrough, and Beginner’s Guide

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Mahjong Pirates is a new mahjong game for Facebook featuring everybody’s favorite ship dwelling raiders and thieves. It differs from other Mahjong games in a number of ways, so read on to learn about all the details, even if you are a veteran of other mahjong games.

In this game, you start off with one island, which is Hope Landing. You unlock new islands either by beating 100 percent of the levels on the current island, paying coins, or by adding friends as neighbors, depending on the level. Each island is more challenging than the last. For example, Hope’s Landing is ridiculously easy, but by the time you get to the fourth island, Stonehead Beach, you should be having a much more difficult time.

Pirate Coins are the currency in Mahjong Pirates. You can use them to buy new backgrounds, buy new sets of tiles, or buy new islands. You earn more Pirate Coins by gaining levels or by playing for 10 straight minutes at a time, or you can buy them with real life money.

Experience points are earned by beating a stage in Mahjong Pirates. You earn 1 experience point for every 10 points you earn, rounded down to the nearest 10. For example, if you get 618 points on a certain level, you will get 61 experience points. This remains true for every level you beat, regardless of whether you have previously beaten that level or not. Your score is dependent on both the number of tile matches you make on each stage and by the amount of time that you have left when you’re done. You earn 10 points for every match you make and 2 points for every second that you have left on the clock by the time you finish. You lose when you run out of matches to make on a particular board before you finish.

When you go to the store and buy a new set of tile, your new set will earn you more points per match that you make. For example, if you buy a set of pirate tiles, you will earn 15 points per match instead of 10. If you buy a new background, your points won’t get affected, but you’ll unlock a different set of music for the background that you use.

You can also use gold coins to reshuffle the tiles when you run out of tiles to match. To match a tile it has to not be under any other tiles, and it has to have one side open, either the left or right side (it can’t be boxed in horizontally). If this doesn’t happen, it’s not available to match.

Every day that you log in, you get to play roulette for a bonus item. To do this, go to the left side of the map screen and click on “Daily Bonus”. Your bonus, if it’s an item or a time extension, won’t kick in until you choose to use it. Save your time extensions for really hard levels, unless you’re a quick player. Then, just use them on an easy level so that you can maximize your experience points.

Enjoy playing Mahjong Pirates!

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