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Make Money Rain: Cash Clicker – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Make Money Rain: Cash Clicker is a game billed as the unofficial sequel to Make It Rain: The Love of Money, but without all of the annoying pratfalls and obstacles. There is no FBI in this game, and you don’t have to do the swipe motion. All that you have to do is tap on the money and it will go flying out. Read on for some tips and tricks for Make Money Rain: Cash Clicker!

As was said before, you do not have to swipe to make money in this game. All that you have to do is tap. Tap with multiple fingers alternately in order to make the money rain faster. You will increase your multiplier as as you do, causing the amount of money that you earn to skyrocket.

Purchase the clicker upgrade first, so that each click is worth more. As you start to make more money, then you will want to begin purchasing the cash per second upgrades. These enable you to step away from the game for a bit, and still make money. But the initial ones are generally a waste of time.

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If you want to REALLY make a lot of money while leaving the phone idle, plug it in and turn off the setting to auto-sleep the screen. Then leave the phone on the charger with the game active. You’ll keep earning money infinitely for as long as the phone is down and nobody messes with it, so you can come back to being able to afford far more power ups than you otherwise would be able to.

Make sure to tap the gold coins whenever you see the them falling. Each one is worth about 20x a single click, so if you grab them, they will do you well. Fill the bar at the top of the screen in order to get a rain of these big coins to fall.

Want to get the ads to stop popping up? Then all that you have to do is go to the settings and put on airplane mode. Or shut off the data and the wifi and you will still be able to play the game without having to look at any of the ads that normally go with it.