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Make More! – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Make More! Is a new game for the iOS and Android platform where you play as the big boss of a Factory. Your goal is to get your employees working as quickly as possible to produce products such as toys and diamonds, earn cash and coins, and spend them to open even more factories. Read on for some tips and tricks for Make More!

All of your employees will make products on their own, but tapping on the screen will cause the boss to pound his desk and the employees to work even more quickly. Tap with more than one finger at a time, alternating, to get the best possible performance out of all of your employees. You can tap with up to four fingers at a time – if you tap with more, the fifth finger and up will not register on the screen.

Upgrading your employees is important, but make sure that you are spending your coins on the highest-level employees to begin with so that you do not have to do unnecessary upgrades and waste coins. Also, upgrade the boss first as the upgrades increase the number of product each employee can hold before you have to collect it. Collect it by tapping on the boss, or by going to the factory screen on the menu and collecting it – or collecting double by watching a free ad video.

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Want to earn your money or complete the construction of a factory right away? Start construction or collect your money and wake up your employees. Then go to the date and time settings on your iPhone and set the time ahead by several hours or for however long you want to, then go back to the game and the factories will be complete, and the product that your employees made will have piled up on its own.

Once you do that, collect all of the product, then wake up all of your employees, and if you have enough cash to do so, start another factory and do the same thing all over again. You can do this trick as many times as you want. Once you collect everything you can set the time back to normal before you do the trick again.

Cash is the premium currency of the game. In order to get more cash, you can go to the third menu on the bottom bar, which is the boosts menu, and hit the TV icon that pops up next to the big boss sometimes. When you do, an ad will pop up and you will earn two cash at the end of it. Look for flying cash as well as that earns you one apiece, and complete tasks in the tasks menu to earn free cash.