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Make Them Jump – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Make Them Jump is a new multi-endless runner game that has taken over the top of the App Store. You have four different difficulty levels to choose from, and your goal is to run for as long as you can on every single screen in the game. Depending on your difficulty, that will be either two, three, four, or five games at the same time. Read on for some tips and tricks for Make Them Jump!

You have to tap multiple screens and you have to be very accurate in order to make your character jump on the right screen. If you’re having trouble with the accuracy part, take off any screen protector or screen overlay that you have on your phone or as part of a case. Almost all of them will screw up your accuracy and cause you to hit the wrong jump button at the wrong time.

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Work your way up from one difficulty level to the next. Normal mode is the easiest as you only have to look at two screens at the same time. It’s very possible to get some high scores on this one; but then again, that makes this one the toughest one to break into the top charts with, due to the difficulty of scoring hundreds and hundreds of points.

Nightmare mode puts you up against three screens at the same time, while hell mode puts you in charge of four screens at the same time. Inferno mode, which is the worst out of all of them, puts you in charge of five screens all at the same time. The biggest difficulty with hell and inferno is figuring out where to place your fingers. Have two fingers on each hand controlling the screen (or two on one hand and three on the other for inferno mode).

Better yet, if you want to cheat your way to the top, grab one or two or three or four friends, and have each one of you control your own screen. This will make the game EXTREMELY easy to score high on. In fact, that’s just about the only way to score that high without hacking the game.

If you want to take all of the fun out of it and hack your way to a high score, find a hex editor program or something like iExplorer on the PC, and hook your phone up to it, then get in using the computer and start messing with the game’s files until you find where the high scores are stored. Or if you find where the jumps are set, set them to where you won’t lose if you hit them.