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Mannequin Challenge (iOS/Android Game) – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Mannequin Challenge is a new game for the iOS and Android by Squad Social LLC. You have two modes of play in this game: an endless runner and an AA-style game where your goal is to stick little orbs to the big orb in the center. Read on for some tips and tricks for the Mannequin Challenge game for the iOS and Android platforms!

In the Adventure mode, your goal is to connect little orbs to the big orb in the center without hitting the medium-sized orbs in between. The big constant in this mode is constant speed changes. The spinning will constantly increase and decrease in speed. If there is no spinning at all to begin the level, wait for a bit and it will begin spinning.

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In the Action mode, you play in an endless runner surrounded by cameras and people who are doing the challenge. Your character will run endlessly; all that you have to do is tap to rotate the black platforms to make sure that your character runs onto them, and to make sure that he runs from the platforms onto the stationary ones and not out into the middle of nowhere.

If you want to get rid of the ads, a quick in-app purchase will get rid of them. If you don’t want to make the in-app purchase, switch your phone into airplane mode or just turn off the data and wifi on whatever device you play the game on, then go back to the game and play it again. You can still play the game, but the ads won’t pop up because they require data in order to load up.

If you want to compare yourself against other players as far as high scores go, hit the trophy button on the home menu to open up Game Center or Google Play. You will be able to compare your score against any other player in the game. Right now the highest level anyone has ever reached in Adventure mode is 1,201, so there is an insane amount of levels to play.

When you are in the adventure mode, when the wheel stops, watch for the line to flash. Once the line flashes, that means the wheel is about to start turning again. Keep an eye on the lines so that you know when the pattern starts and stops.