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March of Empires – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

March of Empires is a new MMO strategy game by Gameloft. It plays much like a Game of War or Kingdoms of Camelot, so fans of either one will enjoy this one. In March of Empires you pick from one of three historical civilizations to play with, build up your kingdom, collect resources, take over the land, and wage war against other kingdoms for pride, resources and dominance. Read on for some tips and tricks for March of Empires!

First and foremost thing to do is to make sure that your kingdom is well-built and well-upgraded. Max out on your farms, lumber mills, iron mines and stone quarries right away so that you can have a speedy flow, especially the farms because troops use food just by existing. An easy way to let food build back up quickly is to send your entire army out to some far off little remote corner, so that they don’t use any food while they’re gone. This is best done while you’re in a peace treaty though.

Peace treaties happen automatically after a particularly nasty attack, or you can purchase them. Use this time to build your troops back up, and to become even more numerous than they were before the attack, and to do even more upgrades. Build up your safe storages to keep a percentage of your resources safe from any attacks. Wait til your peace treaty runs out to attack again. Unless you want to just attack and attack right away and you have the army to do so.

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A good cheap way to get resources, especially on older servers, is to find players who have long since quit the game, but whose castles still remain in place, and invade them over and over. Farm them as much as you can for some easy free resources, because their troops will be gone, but their resource buildings will continue to produce automatically, for an indefinite length of time.

There are a ton of achievements and quests to complete in this game. If you want to save resources from being stolen, then the easiest thing to do is to leave your mission prizes unclaimed until you actually need the resources. They will be untouchable while they are still in your inbox. Once you claim them, they will be open to theft and plundering.

You get a limited teleport quantity, so be sure that you really want to be a part of the alliance that you’re in, REALLY badly, before you send your castle teleporting over to be next to your other alliance members. If something with your alliance goes wrong and a split happens, or you just decide to leave but don’t have more teleports, you could end up getting killed VERY quickly.