Mario Kart Tour: Reroll Trick – How to Reroll Endlessly for High-Level Racers

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Mario Kart Tour is half racing game, half gacha game, with loads of collectible racers, karts, and gliders, as well as a ton of racetracks that you can play. You’ll make your way through circuits, cups, and challenges, looking for the elusive high-end racers, karts, and gliders.

While you might not get them initially during the game tutorial (in fact, you most likely won’t), you can reroll for one or more High-Level types; in fact, you can reroll for as many High-Level Racers as you want.

Read on for a full guide on how to do the reroll cheat in Mario Kart Tour!

You may remember that during the tutorial, you initially fire off the pipe to earn your first racer. Not only that, but you can fire off the pipe multiple times, just as part of the tutorial, getting more racers.

Even after that, you still have free rubies that you got from the tutorial rewards. Because of that, you can fire off the pipe even more, giving you five different chances to get a High-Level Racer.

If you don’t get it, then you don’t have to delete your app, register a new Nintendo account, or anything like that. Instead, the functionality for rerolling is essentially built into Mario Kart Tour by Nintendo itself.

All that you have to do in order to reroll is go to the settings menu whenever you want, then tap on the button that says “Start Fresh” and you’ll delete all of the data from your saved game, but you’ll still keep your account ID. All data goes away, including the rubies and racers that you have already collected.

From there, then go through the tutorial again and fire off the pipe again. Fire off the pipe as many times as you are prompted by the game, then spend all of the free rubies that you get as a reward for beating the Mario Kart Tour tutorial.

If you get one or more High Level Racers, then congratulations, enjoy them because you are beginning the game with a significant advantage. You can get plenty of High-Level characters such as Palutena, Peachette, Mario, Metal Mario, and Dry Bowser, and then future characters that are added for specific tours, such as Pauline for the New York tour.

If you don’t get the character that you want, then all you have to do is reroll again, reroll again, reroll again, and so on and so forth. Keep rerolling and starting fresh from the settings until you get what you want. Just don’t wait until you get too far in the game to use this trick.

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