Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign – How to get free heals and heroes/covers

Marvel Puzzle Quest is the perfect game for those who love Avengers Alliance and Candy Crush Saga, but wish there was a way to combine them into one game (and if you don’t want that, then playing this game will make you realize that you actually did want that). You can collect all sorts of comic book covers in this game, which give you new heroes to use in battle. Heals allow you to revive your fallen heroes, as well as to recover the hit points of a hero who has been wounded in battle. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

Getting free heals in this game is very easy. Once you use up all of your heals, go to your date and time settings on your phone, and set the time ahead by one hour per heal that you have already used. Set the time back to normal whenever you are ready to put the game away for the night, because when you set the time back to normal, all of the free heals will be gone.

Better yet, just use the time cheat to restore your heroes’ energy, since their energy recovers over time. You need to set it ahead much less for this – something like 20 minutes if your heroes has 250 hit points to recover, for example.

There are a few ways to get more covers. You can go to the “recruit new heroes” screen and buy a new one star hero using 500 Iso-8. If you want to get rare heroes, then you can spend 125 Hero Points for a random rare hero. In addition, you can spend 50 Hero Points apiece to get either Hawkeye or the Black Widow. You can get as many Hawkeyes and Black Widows as you want by doing this.

Go to the single player battles, and you can earn new heroes for completing them. Each battle has somewhere between 2 and 4 rewards that you can earn as a completion bonus, so play battles for new heroes. Not all battles will earn you new heroes, but many of them do. Even if they are repeat heroes, they can still be used as backups if you don’t want to mess with the time on your phone and you’ve run out of free heals.

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