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MARVEL Tsum Tsum – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

MARVEL Tsum Tsum is a spinoff of the popular LINE Disney Tsum Tsum game for the iOS and Android platforms. This game has the high-speed timed gameplay of the original, along with multiple levels and even battles against bosses from the Marvel universe. You can collect ISO-8, of course, and build a big collection of Tsum Tsums to take into battle with you, each with their own set of superpowers. Read on for some tips and tricks for MARVEL Tsum Tsum!

Always try to make the biggest combo possible. When you swipe across Tsum Tsum in a line of three or more identical ones, you will clear them all, but if you clear seven or more at a time, you’ll make an area bomb. Area bombs blow up all of the Tsums around them, plus they very quickly fill up the special bar for your character.

When the special bar fills up, tap it as soon as possible to use your character’s special move. As you improve your character and acquire the light blue ISO-8 you’ll be able to give them a second special move as well, which takes a slight bit longer to charge but has even more of an effect. You’re going to need to use both special moves and bombs copiously in order to make 3 stars on each level.

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Bosses have their own strategies that must be used in order to win. First, your ideal is to pick a Tsum Tsum that is a strong type match against a boss. Then, make combinations to drain its health. Make bombs and blow them up to drain even more of its health, especially if the bomb is right next to the boss. Use your special moves to drain a huge amount of health from the bosses.

You can earn certain Tsum Tsums for completing specific levels, but other than that, you have to buy Tsum Tsums. Common ones can be earned by purchasing a coin box for 30,000 coins. Rare ones, on the other hand, can be purchased via the orb box, which costs 5 orbs. Free orbs are few and far between but spend them for rare ones when you get the chance.

Many of the different stages have bonus missions at the end, which are unlocked when you earn enough stars on the main missions. If you complete all of the main missions and you still need to earn more stars, go to the other levels on that stage, starting from oldest to newest, and try to break your records on any one-star or two-star level.