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Marvel: War of Heroes for Android and iOS: How to get free Ultimate Card Pack Tickets and Resources

In Marvel: War of Heroes, two of the most beneficial items that you can earn in the game are Ultimate Card Pack Tickets and Resources. Resources are one pack of six of the same item, except that all six variations are different colors (an example being Storm’s Cape) that you have to try to collect. If you collect all six of the required item, then you get a rare card. Ultimate Card Pack Tickets earn you rare cards right away. Here’s how to get more of both of them.

You will get one Ultimate Card Pack in the beginning of the game as a reward, once you complete the tutorial. There are ways to get other Ultimate Card Pack Tickets, as well. Go to My Page, and then scroll down to My Assignments, and tap on it. You’ll get to see both your “initial assignments”, which are a series of quests that you can do in order to earn prizes, and the Level Assignments, which are prizes that you get every 5 levels. Many of the quests offer Ultimate Card Pack Tickets as prizes, so complete them to earn the tickets.

You can earn them as login bonuses every so often by logging in every day. You earn a new item each time you complete 1/10 of a Login Commendation, and oftentimes the item is an Ultimate Card Pack Ticket. In addition, you can sometimes earn them as a reward for beating one of the Super Villains at the end of a mission. They also pop up as consolation prizes for limited-time events when you rank high, but aren’t high enough in the rankings to earn one of the top prizes.

Resources can be found two different ways. One of them is by going to a mission to earn the cape. Go to the Missions tab, then tap it and scroll down to Operations. Tap it and go to one of the operations, and then scroll through the missions. Once every 3 turns in a mission, you get a bonus reward, which is either a blue card, a red card, a green card or a resource. The resource (and the cards) are different for each mission, so by going through the various missions, you’ll rather easily complete collections. Operation 2: HYDRA Hijinks is especially recommended since each turn costs only 1 energy point, thus allowing you to take tons of turns, racking up Storm’s Cape in all different colors, trading the collection in over and over.

Go to Battle mode to earn the resources that you can’t earn in missions (one of each collection), or that are too much of a pain to try and earn due to energy cost. Hit “Select from desired Resources” and battle to try and get the ones that you don’t have yet. If you beat a player, you’ll take the resource from them, so attack players with the lowest amount of defense power possible so that you can battle as frequently as possible, thus having as many chances as possible to earn resources.