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Marvel: War of Heroes for iOS and Android: How to get more silver, gold and rally points

In Marvel: War of Heroes, there are three types of currency. Silver is the main currency in the game, and it’s one of the easiest currencies to find more of. Silver is used mostly for fusing your cards and for boosting your cards. Gold is the rarest one, but it’s also the most valuable because with it, you can buy ultimate card packs. Rally Points are somewhere in between as far as rarity goes, and with them you can buy Rally Card Packs and expand your card collection. Read on to find out how to get more of all three!

There are many ways to get more silver. The main way is simply to progress through the missions. Each time that you tap the attack button, you are rewarded with gold; however, every third time you hit the attack button, often you’ll come across a box of silver (instead of a card or resource) that rewards you with a higher amount. In addition, every time that you beat a supervillain, you’ll earn a bonus worth thousands of silver.

Selling extra cards earns you extra silver; in addition, if your entire roster of cards fills up, then every card that you earn during one of the missions will automatically be sold off, resulting in even more silver for you. The way to earn the most silver, though, is by completing the level assignments and the initial assignments, many of which can earn tens of thousands of silver. You can find them under My Page, under the link called “Check your assignments here!”

There is only one way to get gold, unfortunately, and that is to buy it using real money. To do this, try to buy a card pack or an item, and if you have insufficient gold, then you will go to screen with a list of cash-for-gold offers.

To get more rally points, first, add members to your S.H.I.E.L.D. team and then go to the “team member” page. Next, go down your list and rally each one of them. Each rally earns you 4 rally points. Leave a comment with every single one of them for an extra 16 rally points per comment. You can do this once per day.