Mascot Dunks – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Mascot Dunks is a new game for the iOS and Android modeled after halftime shows at basketball games. You play as a mascot, you jump off of trampolines, and attempt all kinds of wild dunks in an effort to score as many points as possible. You can unlock new mascots, new dunks, and go for the absolute highest score possible against an increasing difficulty level. Read on for some tips and tricks for Mascot Dunks!

Your method of play is to hit the trampolines by diving downwards, then hit the dunks at the right time by diving downwards. Dive downwards right as your character starts to fly over the rim. This is the right timing almost every single time; land the dunk and you will move onto the next set of trampolines.

As you dunk on more and more rims, the speed changes will become more erratic, and the maximum speed will become higher. The trampoline speed changes are the real difficulty in this game; the dunk timing is almost always the same, so the dunks are actually the easy part of this game. Just keep an eye out for when the next trampolines are after the dunk.

Once you have 50 coins, you will be able to unlock new mascots. All that you have to do is go to the mascot select screen and at the bottom, you will find a “win a new mascot” button. Press it to spin for a new mascot. You’ll only spend 50 coins, so if you watch a video for 100 coins, you will get to spin for a whopping 2 mascots per video.

Not only can you unlock mascots, but you can customize the ones that you have already unlocked. To do this, go to the mascot select screen and hit the color squares below your mascot. You can change their skin color, as well as the colors of their outfits, in order to customize the mascot to almost your exact liking.

You can claim new dunks without spending any coins – in fact, you can’t buy new dunks by spending coins. You’ll get new dunks as a time-activated reward, but if you want to skip the cool down before you get the reward, then you can watch an ad video to make that happen. The new dunks are for appearance only. They won’t give you more points, and they don’t change the timing that you have to hit in order to perform the dunk.

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