Matchington Mansion: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Matchington Mansion is a new puzzler for the iOS and Android platforms where you play match-three contests, earn coins and stars, and fix up an old, dilapidated mansion with repairs and decorations. You have an essentially unlimited amount of levels that you can play, a ton to do in the mansion, and nearly endless amounts of customization. Read on for some tips and tricks for Matchington Mansion!

If all that you like to do is match-3 action, you don’t even have to pay attention to the mansion at all. All that you have to do is continue to win match-3 games. The only downfall here is that you can’t go back to old levels if you want to replay them; if you want to replay anything, you have to delete the game and start over again from the beginning.

You have your usual assortment of special tiles here, too. Match four in a row for a one-line firework. Match 2×2 tiles for a 3×3 plus-shaped explosion firework. Match five in an L, +, or T shape for a larger explosion firework that does a diamond-shaped 5×5 blast, Match five in a row for a rainbow tile. Mix two of the firework tiles for an even larger explosion (the type depends on what you mix together), and mix any firework with a rainbow to turn all of one color into rainbow fireworks and set them off. Match two rainbows together to clear the entire board.

There are no actual points in the game, so if you don’t have to, don’t try to work too hard toward matching two special tiles if you don’t need to. Your goal is to finish with as many moves as possible. However, once you get to areas later on in the game, matching a firework with a rainbow or two fireworks together might become your easiest route toward beating the level, so always make that your go-to when you start having to replay a level over and over again, unless you literally have no room to do so due to the level layout.

The more moves that you finish with at the end of a round, the more coins you’ll earn as a bonus. Coins are normally not needed in order to rebuild the mansion; the only thing you need them for is if you want to swap out one piece of furniture for the other after you’ve already placed your furniture. The first piece of furniture that you place in a particular spot is free.

If you beat a level, you don’t lose any lives, but if you lose at a level, you lose a life. You can spend coins on new lives, or you can go and fix up the mansion while waiting for your lives to come back. Or you can do the time lapse trick and set the time ahead on your phone or tablet to get the lives back instantly, for free. You can do this trick as many times as you want in order to restore your lives once you lose them, which is good for especially tough levels.

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