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Math and Sorcery: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Math and Sorcery is a new RPG for the iOS and Android platforms where you launch attacks on enemies by solving math problems. Your goal is to get through as many levels as possible, with each level containing tougher and tougher enemies, and the faster that you solve each problem, the more damage that you do when you attack. Read on for some tips and tricks for Math and Sorcery!

If you attack only one enemy at a time, then you’ll have to only solve a two-number addition problem, such as 8 + 7. If you attack two enemies at a time, though, then you’ll have to solve a three-digit addition problem, such as 5 + 9 + 3. The longer problems, though, will do more damage per problem, per enemy, so practice and get good at doing the three-number problems to speed through rounds.

Use healing whenever you need to, especially in the higher levels where enemies become more powerful and get harder and harder to kill. When you don’t kill them quickly enough, they’ll attack, and in higher levels, the attacks become stronger and deadlier, and the enemies themselves will take more and more hits to kill.

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When you begin the game, you’ll start off fighting against monster books inside of the library, and your math will be addition. However, as you move onto the later and tougher levels in the game, this will change, and you’ll start getting new math modes, such as subtraction, or even combinations of addition and subtraction.

You’ll be able to unlock multiple companions in this game. A companion gives you some sort of stat boost; for example, the donkey at the beginning of the game will boost your luck. Each companion will also have one specific item that you can give them in order to level them up. Once you increase their level, they’ll give you a bigger boost.

Once you beat a level with three stars, you’ll be able to go back and beat it instantly whenever you want to without having to replay it, just by tapping the play button. This is a great way to raid for experience for your player, or upgrade items for your companion. If you need to grind for a level up, do this instead, then let the scrolls/energy come back and do it all over again until you level up.