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Maximum Car – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Maximum Car is a new racing game for the iOS and Android platform. This game takes 80s-style cheesiness to a previously unheard-of level, with all kinds of zany quotes, but the action is completely serious. You can earn coins and race tokens, spend them on new cars or on car upgrades, and take on increasingly tougher missions. Read on for some tips and tricks for Maximum Car!

Your cars have four stats that you can use to judge which car to buy next. Speedy Uppy is acceleration. Fastness is top speed. Turniness is handling. Bish Bash is how much damage you can do by hitting other cars, and how well you can fend off hits from other cars. Take these into account before making your car purchase.

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If you want to spend your coins wisely and you already have a car you’re happy with, maximize it instead. This will fill in the blank stat squares, boosting your car to the maximum available power of all four stats. You’ll immediately notice the difference when you start the next race.

Your goal is to get first place, and this is also the fastest way to earn more coins, so if you need to grind for coins you can go back to an old level and get first place to earn the maximum amount of coins. However, you get bonus coins for destroying other cars, which can be done via ramming or firing missiles. Destroy enough of one car and you can unlock it in the store too. This goes for cars that both are and are not involved in the race.

There’s a nearly endless amount of cars to unlock this way, but at any time, you can go to the “Locked” section of the store and purchase any one of them by spending 99 cents or whatever your local currency’s equivalent is. Look for the car with the best stats, so that you can maximize them later and make them even stronger.

You can unlock new levels by completing specific numbers of races in the current level, and you can unlock new races in the current level (e.g. tropical) by completing races and missions in the current race. Races get harder and harder, but you can earn more and more coins the further that you get into the game. Hit endless mode for a good chance at winning more coins and testing your skills as well.