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Meek Mill Presents Bike Life: Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Meek Mill’s Bike Life is a new iOS and Android game, co-produced by Meek Mill himself, that’s about his second-biggest claim to fame, which is stunt biking on the streets. Your goal is to outrun and taunt the cops, do tricks, entertain pedestrians, and go for a high score and a lot of coins. You can even unlock other characters, such as Nicki Minaj. Read on for some tips and tricks for Meek Mill Presents Bike Life!

Be sure to use every move at your disposal when you’re running. Swipe from side to side and use your jumps, plus, use the double jump by jumping again when you are already in the middle of the air. Swipe down to do a wheelie, and swipe to the side when you’re already at the edge of the screen, or double swipe, in order to do a side wheelie.

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You need to get coins in order to purchase upgrade for your characters, and even more coins to get more characters such as Meek Mill or (later) Nicki Minaj and others. The fastest way to get more coins is to do the challenge stages. You’ll earn thousands of coins for beating each one of them, but other methods will earn you hundreds of coins at best.

You can complete free offers for coins if you want an easy way to get more of them and you just cannot beat the challenges. If you hit the “go there” button that pops up when you go to the free coin page, more offers will appear that typically involve downloading and running apps in order to get free coins.

There are no free offers for diamonds, but look for diamonds to appear in the middle of each stage. Diamonds are the premium currency of the game, and while the main way to get them is by buying them, you can still find them for free if you pay very good attention during a run.

Complete missions for additional coins and do tricks. When you do a wheelie, look for the icon to pop up denoting that you’re mid trick. When it does, keep it going until you drain the bar. You’ll get 100 coins when you do the trick for long enough. Look for this to possibly be added for other tricks too.