Mega Dead Pixel Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Mega Dead Pixel is a new endless falling game for the iPhone and iPad. You’re goal in this game is to fall as far as possible, staying alive as long as you can while printing and destroying as many shapes as you can and collecting coins in the process. The game gets harder and harder but you get a lot of power ups on the way. Read on for some tips and tricks for Mega Dead Pixel.

Pay close attention to the mega pixel meter at the top of the screen while you are falling. Each shape that you print out or destroy will increase the length of the mega pixel meter but each amount of time that you go without destroying a shape or printing a sheep will cause the meter to slowly drop. The larger the shape that you print out or destroy, the more that you fill up the meter when you print it out or destroy it.

After you unlock the gun boost power, zig zag from side to side around the screen so that you can take out any shape that appears below you. Even though shooting shapes and taking them out with the gun power will not fill your mega pixel bar, you will end up with a huge pixel score from the shapes that you destroy.

Every time that you fill the pixel wall bar, you will increase your pixel wall level, which is this game’s version of experience levels. Each time that you fill up the pixel wall bar all the way, you will unlock. new shapes and/or bonuses that can be purchased in the store using coins.

Purchase those new shapes in the store if you want to earn more pixels per round. The more new shapes that you have, the west that the single pixels will appear due to all of the new shapes filtering into the stage. This means that you will earn a higher average amount of pixels per shape destroyed.

Complete the missions to earn more coins and to unlock more power ups that you can buy in the store in the game. Eventually, you will come across missions that require you to have a certain power up in order to pass them. If all three of your missions require you to have a certain power, but you don’t have the coins to buy the power, play through the stages and try to fall into as many coins as you can, so that later on in the game, after you have enough coins to buy the power, you can go back and complete every one of the missions.