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Megapolis for Android, Facebook and iOS: How to get free coins and Megabucks

Megapolis is possibly the first city building game that can be synced back and forth between mobile devices and Facebook, and where the same account can be played on both platforms. In this game, the two forms of currency are coins and Megabucks (also known as bucks or Megagranas). Read on to find out how to get more of both for free!

Free Megabucks are tough to find at first, since there is no offer wall or anything that you can work with in order to get free bucks; however, there are often offers that earn you free bucks if you pay for bucks (basically, buy one get one free specials). This is only useful if you are paying for bucks anyways, but if you don’t even want to pay for bucks, there are still ways to get bucks for free.

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One of them is to cross connect the game between your iOS or Android device and Facebook. Doing this will earn you 5 free megabucks once you connect on both devices. After that, you will find an offer on the Facebook side of the game that can earn you 15 free Megabucks by hitting the “Free Solar Energy” button on the quest side. This is a limited offer and in the future, other offers will replace it that will work the same way.

When you take offers like this, Facebook will want to use your credit card number or your Paypal for “verification purposes” and says that they won’t charge you, so it’s still technically a “free” offer. You can also earn bucks for gaining an experience level in the game.

To get free coins, complete quests one after the other and earn the rewards, do the “time cheat” in the mobile version of the game before you sync it up with Facebook. To do this, go to the game and set a bunch of contracts to go, then go to the time in your device and set it forward by at least the same amount of time. Then go back to the game and you will be able to collect right away. This stops working if you sync the game with Facebook. Also, sell any gifts you get (especially expensive gifts like Ice Towers) and you can get some very quick free coins.

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Monday 18th of May 2020

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Xavier hayes

Saturday 7th of December 2019