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Megapolis for iOS, Android and Facebook: How to increase your population and experience points

The new game Megapolis, a three-platform smash hit affair, lets you build a small town or a great big city (it is all up to you) on Android, Facebook, iOS or even all three platforms if you so choose. You can increase your population, getting it from the hundreds to the hundred thousands, and you can gain experience levels (via experience points) in order to unlock more buildings for your city, and other goods. Read on for some tips on how to get more of both!

Growing your population is a function of building more residential buildings, infrastructure, decorations, extra buildings, and resource buildings. Almost every building that you can build in this game, other than production buildings, increases your maximum population. The higher up your experience level gets, the better the buildings that you unlock will be for population increases.

However, residential buildings are the only ones that can increase your active population. To get an active population increase, you have to tap them every time that they are ready to collect from. You can tell when that’s the case because a small icon of a person will appear over the building until you tap them. The more expensive the residence (and the higher the level), the more expensive and useful buildings you’ll be able to earn.

The fastest way in the game to gain levels is through the completion of construction on new buildings, the completion of quests, and earning various achievements. To figure out how to get achievements, go to the trophy icon at the upper right corner of the screen, and check out the accomplishments that you have yet to complete, as well as what you need to do in order to complete them. These are an excellent way to earn massive amounts of coins as well.