Merge Empire: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Merge Empire is a new crowd-building idle game for the iOS and Android platforms that adds a little bit of strategy to the usual clicker formula. You start off with the lowest worker on the totem pool, then you can merge two of them to get the next worker up, and then do the same thing for new classes of workers.

You can earn coins from their own, you can tap to earn coins, and you can even unlock new worlds as you go. In an unusual twist for a game like this, you can attack other players, and other players can attack you, too. You can even earn gems, which are the premium currency of the game.

Read on for some tips and cheats for Merge Empire!

You can tap anywhere on the screen to speed up your workers, but you get an extra bonus for tapping specific locations. Tap on an area that your workers usually clear. Tap it until you clear it, then when it’s cleared, you’ll earn bonus money.

Tap on the X1 icon in the lower left corner to change it to x2, x5, x10, x25, x50, and x100. Use this to buy multiple upgrades at a time when you’re at the point of making a lot of money.

To make it to the next level quickly, focus on getting the next character in line. You only need two of the current highest character to unlock the next highest one. Keep doing this until you hit the highest level character in your current world.

Once you do, get two of that highest-level character (such as the King when you’re in the Kingdom) and then tap on the final icon to unlock the next work. You’ll be taken to the next world, where you’ll start anew with new characters. Be aware that you can always go back to the previous world if you want to.

In order to attack other players, you’re going to need military troops. In the case of the Kingdom, this consists of the knight, the mage, and the horse knight. Check their attack power (the icon with the sword) to see how much they’ll add to your military effort.

Pick the best combination of cost and military power, max out on those characters, then attack another player to earn a ton of resources. This is easiest to do when you unlock a new world, then go back to the old world with all of your newfound cash.

Gems are the premium currency of the game, and thus are the rarest and most expensive, but you can earn a lot more gems for free. All you have to do is go to the store and watch an ad video, and when it finishes, you will earn 3 free gems. Watch as many ad videos as you want, and as are available to you, to max out on gems.

Gems can be used to purchase premium troops in whatever area you are in. They often provide a far higher DPS than the surrounding characters. To max out your investment, though, buy a gem character that has military power, too.

Tap the dragon as soon as you see it show up in your world. When it’s on the screen, it will waste your money by killing your current troops. Prevent troop death by tapping it and destroying it as soon as possible.

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