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Merge Gems! – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Merge Gems! is a new iOS and Android game by Gram Games where you merge gems, make money, level up, and discover as many rare gems as you can find. You can even make offline income, which you can then use to speed up the earning of new gems once you come back. Read on for some tips and tricks for Merge Gems!

Your main way of earning gems is from the boxes that appear. Tap the box button rapidly on the bottom of the screen to earn boxes quickly. With a bit of practice with your fingers, you can even open boxes while you’re tapping the more-boxes button, and merge in the middle of tapping, since the screen can read multiple fingers at the same time.

A quick way to earn money is to complete the achievements, which are located inside of the blue-ribbon icon on the lower left corner of the screen. Achievements are earned for opening boxes, tapping, buying gems, discovering and merging gems, and for almost anything you do at all in the game; each one is earned at various milestones. Complete an achievement and a notification will pop up. Tap on the button and you will be able to collect your reward.

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If you have a data connection, you can earn all kinds of bonuses from watching video advertisements. The 2X video offer doubles your earnings for two hours. After you open a mystery box, you can upgrade its contents by one in exchange for watching a video ad. Same thing is true with the free timed prize boxes. In moon land, you’ll be able to watch a video ad to double the speed of crate drops.

Get far enough into the game (around level 8 in gem land), and you’ll unlock a new territory called moon land. Moon land operates with completely different gems and a completely different currency than gem land, so you can leave one to go to the other any time that you want. When you leave one, the other one will continue earning money and crates on its own, so you can go back and forth and play both games faster.

You’ll notice, starting in moon land, that some of the tiles sparkle. Drag all of your highest-earning moon gems onto the sparkling tiles. Sparkling tiles are worth 2x more currency per second than the regular tiles, which can make a huge difference in your income from the moon gems.