Merge More: American Dream – Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

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Merge More: American Dream, also simply known as American Dream, is a new iOS and Android idle game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to merge computers together in order to make more money. You can use that money to buy new stuff for your island home, so that you can build it up from a trailer park into a luxurious private resort island. You can earn coins, gems, and more for doing so, while upgrading to a nearly endless number of computers. Read on for some tips and tricks for Merge More: American Dream!

Your main method of getting more computers is opening the boxes when they drop, but you can buy new computers from the store once you get to a high enough upgrade level. Buy and upgrade them, and each time you reach a new upgrade level, a higher level computer opens up in the store. Sometimes, when you open a box, a video offer will pop up, and if you watch the video, you’ll upgrade the computer several times all at once.

Once you see an exclamation mark pop up next to the tab that represents your island, that means that you’ll have at least one new item to buy for your island. At first, the boxes will be available to open immediately; as you get further on into the game, you’ll have to wait five minutes (then longer as you go on even further), but you’ll be able to use video ads to open them immediately.

When you come back from a long time away, not only will you be able to get offline income (and triple it by paying some gems), but check your computers, as they have bars that fill up representing income that you can collect. When the yellow bar is full, that means you can collect the maximum amount of money from the computer. Be sure to collect from your top computer before you merge it, especially.

Click on the coin icon in the upper right corner of the screen to get double coins for watching videos in the American Dream TV area. As far as getting free gems goes, your main methods are to watch videos until the bar fills up, so that you can get 20 gems at once. Other methods include tapping on the “free gems” icon to share with your FB friends, and completing your daily tasks and your achievements.

Take the free spin as often as possible so that you can earn giant amounts of free coins, high-level computers, and other goodies. Tap on the bonuses that fall onto the tiles when you see them, too. One example of this is the coin pile, which loads you up with coins. Another example is the boost boxes, which cause boxes to fall into every single tile as soon as the new-box bar fills up.

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