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Merge Plane: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide, Page 2

There are a total of 30 planes to unlock for the Center Airport area, which is the area that you start out in. When an event happens, you’ll unlock the Star Trek airport. The name is a bit misleading as you won’t find the Starship Enterprise here, although you’ll find a number of other spaceships. Oddly enough, there’s an X-Wing in here, as well as the Galactica.

There is a special type of premium currency in this game with no name, but that looks like a hexagonal gold coin with a propeller, that will allow you to buy new boosts in Merge Plane. The only way to get propeller coins is to trade standard coins for them, at a ratio of 10,000 to 1. This will open up the boosts in the store, such as airplane discounts and total runway income multipliers, and they will be permanent, making this a worthwhile expense.

Tap on the icon of the guy in the lower left corner of the screen to access the quests menu. Complete a quest, and you can earn free gems, and gems can be spent on all sorts of boosts in the store. Another way to get gems is to buy the weekly membership in order to get 10 gems every day, as well as more parking spaces, faster speed, more fairways, and a 120% offline earnings multiplier.

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If you have a bunch of gems but nowhere to spend them, one of the best expenditures is multiplying the offline income after coming back from a long layoff, such as sleeping. If you watch the offline income ad video, then you earn 2x the offline income, but if you spend five gems, then you earn 3x the offline income. This goes no matter how much offline income you’ve earned on the last round.

Enter every tournament that you can once you’re past the very beginner level. In order to win the tournament, you’re not going to have to hoard your coins, so don’t resist the temptation to spend them if you are in the thick of it. The money that you earn while you are ONLINE (not offline) will count towards your score. And spending money won’t drop your score.

Another good use for your gems, especially during the tournament (the time lapse cheat doesn’t work in this game) is to use your gems to buy time warps. Click on the guy in the lower-left corner and go to the boosts shop. Buy whichever time warp you can afford and use that time warp to win the tournament.

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