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Merge Plane: Unlimited Money Cheats – Get Instant Coins, Endless 5X Income and 2X Speed

Merge Plane challenges you to combine planes into new planes (or in the case of the Space Trek quests, ships into ships), as well as earn as much money as possible by racing them on a track. There are a number of ways to earn unlimited coins in the game, either instantly or by using endless 5x and 2x boosts, without using any sort of hacks. Read on for some tips on how to get unlimited money in Merge Plane!

The first way to get unlimited money is to sign in, collect your offline income, and then set the time ahead by a few hours and collect offline income again. Keep doing this as many times as you want, in order to end up with gigantic amounts of income. Of course, buy planes in between so that you can earn more money per cheated-off minute.

Of course, do this with an internet connection to make the most of your offline cheat. Watch the ad video at the end, and you will be able to do get 2x the offline income. If you instead decide to spend some gems, you will earn 3x the offline income, although only do this if you have a ton of gems to waste.

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The second way to get unlimited money is to first, set the time ahead by a few hours, then go to the game. Collect your offline income, then wait for the UFO to show up. When the UFO shows up, if it says 5X income bonus, then watch the video to get the bonus. If it says something else (4 golden boxes, etc), then dismiss it and wait for the next one to show up.

Once you watch the video for the 5X bonus, then as soon as the bonus kicks in, go back to the date and time menu and set the time back to normal. The 5X income time will increase by however much time you added in the first place – e.g. if you added three hours, and then you remove the three hours once the bonus is kicked in, then the 5X bonus will be three hours long.

Do the same thing with the 2X speed bonus at any time by hitting the 2X speed button. Your best bet is to watch the speed bonus video first, the 5x income bonus video second, and then setting the time backwards, so that you have an hour where you have 10X your normal income (since 2X speed is basically 2X income anyways)