Metal Slug Defense – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Metal Slug Defense is a new tower defense game based on the Metal Slug franchise, the SNK shoot em up classic. Nobody was expecting the series to go in this direction, but Metal Slug Defense is actually a fun and very challenging game that provides endless amounts of gameplay and some major challenges. Read on for some tips and tricks for Metal Slug Defense!

Like many free to play games, each stage costs a certain amount of energy to play, and once you run out you either have to buy more or wait for it to come back. If you don’t want to do either one of those, just set the time ahead on your phone or tablet and you’ll recover your energy. A full recovery will cost about 3 hours off of the time on your phone. Once you go back to Metal Slug Defense and see your restored energy, you can set the time back to normal and keep your energy.

Emergency stages are time-limited, so the above trick will cause them to go away. However, do this trick in reverse with those stages if you want more time. Set the time backwards enough so that you have an hour left to play on the stages. If you want to keep playing them, keep setting the time backwards until you beat them.

It’s tempting to play every stage on double speed; however, the tougher stages will require you to play on single speed, because you’ll need to use all of your Metal Slug Attacks (where you tap a character and their special attack is used) and aim them right in order to win. Take out enemy fighters well before they get to your base because if they do, you’re usually going to lose in short order.

MSP is the main currency of the game. If you need more of it to buy more upgrades in order to beat tough stages, go back to an older stage and play and win again, and you will get the same amount of prize MSP that you would have if it had been your first time playing – and even more, if you have purchased the MSP upgrade in your home customization menu.

You can tap the girl in the lower left corner to level up your AP gain, causing your maximum to increase and your AP to go up faster. Do this at least once per stage, because the base AP gain speed is insufficient for managing increasingly higher numbers of troops. If you can, try to work in 2 or 3 AP level ups per stage.